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Get top class Local & Commercial high security services by Gyan Host - We offer commercial security services in Jaipur. Gyan Host is one of the leading security solutions companies in Jaipur who always focus on providing best security services across Rajasthan.

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CCTV Surveillance Systems

We provide top contract security services for commercial properties in Jaipur. Save money for your industrial or commercial facility by contracting with the security experts at Gyan Host. Work with us to gain peace of mind that your customized security solution ties to decades of excellent service and proven results.

Our highly-trained security professionals follow the procedures specific to your facility to manage loss prevention, provide controlled access and maintain site safety.

Find here details about our company including:

Schools & Collage Security

Corporate Buildings

Mall & Plazas

Retail Security

Parking Enforcement


Concierge Services

Construction Security

To sum up, there are a whole bunch of benefits available with the CCTV security systems. Are you seeking a reliable CCTV solution provider in Jaipur ? CCTV installation and CCTV maintenance in Jaipur. Our core expertise encompasses CCTV System planning, designing, installation and maintenance in Jaipur.

Gyan Host is one of the Top CCTV Camera Distribution Company supplying high quality affordable security products such as IP Cameras, Analogue Cameras, Video Door Phones, Alarm Systems, Biometric Access Control Systems, Money Counter Machines and other accessories as well. We supply security system devices for Airports, Banks, Hotels, Education, Healthcare, Retails, Stadiums, Critical Infrastructure & Logistics sectors.

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Benefits of Using a CCTV System

We’ve gathered together some of the key benefits of using a CCTV system can have at your place of work and residency.

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) system allows the use of videos cameras to monitor the interior and exterior of a property, transmitting the signal to a monitor or set of monitors.

More and more of us are switching on the benefits of CCTV security systems In Jaipur it is now estimated that there are more cameras per person than any other country in the world.





Biometric & Access Control Systems

Protect and manage your facilities easier using advanced face & fingerprint entry systems. Get Reliable biometric access control products & management systems by Gyan Host. We are a leading provider Biometric & Access Control Systems of CCTV, Access Control and Time & Attendance Systems and Solutions.

National Security has the latest generation of industry leading access control and biometric access control security systems that offer powerful advances in digital video management, smart card applications, biometric integration and open IT systems.

Biometric access control readers provide increased security by assessing and identifying a person’s unique body feature. Biometrics combine the security of using a cardholders badge or PIN in conjunction with a biometric template. Our biometric solutions offer fast and accurate access control.

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Epabx intercom system

Gyan Host Epabx intercom system has Ultimate connectivity with seamless mobility. Gyan Host offers telecom system service with low cost.

EPABX (Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange): A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange intercom that serves a particular business or commercial office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public or enterprise.

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